Top Tips to Stay on Top of Your To-Do List

Are you struggling to stay focused and get your work done? If the answer is "yes," then you are in the right place! Read on for five tips to help you stay on top of your to-do list during the school year.

Manage Your Tasks Like a Pro

Do you ever feel like you are racing against the clock to meet deadlines and complete assignments? If you struggle with procrastination, a task management plan will help you focus on the task at hand. A simple change in habits could make a gigantic difference!

Three Podcasts to Enrich Your Leadership and Life

Podcasts are a convenient way to learn more about becoming a better person and leader. Continue reading to discover three new podcasts to add to your collection that are guaranteed to provide insight on life, leadership and everything in between!

Program of Leadership: Your Chapter's Master Plan

So your officer team has been elected and a new semester has begun. Now what?! While there are endless ways to organize your ideas and initiatives, this article will help you craft an attainable program of leadership.

Five Tips for Your Freshman Year

Entering high school can be a nerve-wracking experience, but remember you're not alone! To help calm your nerves and ensure you start off on the right foot, follow these five tips for your freshman year.

Get Connected with DECA's Video Call Series

One DECA... three calls! This year, your Executive Officer Team will be hosting monthly #OneDECA, Regional and President’s Council calls to interact with you throughout this DECA year.

Leadership Team Building Ideas

While social distancing, it can be difficult to connect with the members of your leadership team. However, it is vital to continue being productive and connected. We want all teams to have an extra strong start to the next school year in order to make up for lost activities and events. Below are my top five tips to keep the DECA spirit alive with your leadership team!

Livestream: Leadership Lessons from Geekdom

Learn about the quirky subcultures and communities born out of the fixation of various interests, uncover the powerful success behaviors geeks exhibit, and find practical guidance as an emerging leader and how to tap into strengths in your teams. Watch now.

Four Amazing Alumni Opportunities You Can Pursue to Stay Involved

If you’re like me, you’re approaching graduation very soon and you’re probably wondering what happens to the organization you’ve spent so many years being a part of. The good news is that there are several opportunities for you to stay involved as an alum!

How to Combat “Senioritis”

We all know the feeling. It’s the second semester, you’ve already been accepted to your dream school or landed the perfect job and you’re starting to feel your motivation decline. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Here are a few tips that you can use to combat “senioritis” this year so you can finish strong.

Seven Ways to Perfect your Instagram

Social media is a huge part of forming a brand. Whether it be a product or personal branding, an effective social media account can draw much-needed attention to what you promote. Follow the tips below to create an amazing Instagram page!

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Perhaps one of the hardest professional skills to develop is giving and receiving feedback. However, once you begin to give and receive feedback in a positive matter, you will become a leader worth following.

DECA Executive Officer Online Election Process

This year, all election activities will now be conducted virtually as a response to not holding DECA’s International Career Development Conference. Check out this year's election activity timeline.

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