DECA Talks: Success Is Impossible Without Failure

Aug 1, 2023

Success and fulfillment are not straight lines. Success is impossible without failure. Isaac will show you that regardless of where you are in this organization and no matter how you define success, DECA can start you on your life’s ultimate power trip.


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Discussion Questions

  • 1
    Every leader defines the characteristics of their role differently due to their own unique experiences. Name a few characteristics of a leader not mentioned on the slide that you have learned in your own life and explain their significance.
  • 2
    What were Isaac’s three lessons in failure? What common themes were among each one?
  • 3
    How have your views of leadership and failure changed after this watching this talk?
  • 4
    How can the lessons from this DECA Talk impact your chapter as well as your own personal DECA experience?

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