Success Books That Change You

Apr 6, 2023

Sitting at the beach or the park curled up with a nice book is one way to start the summer with a bang, but with so many books, where do you begin? While these books were assigned to me throughout high school, the messages and themes in each book about business and leadership still resonate with me to this day. If you want to challenge your mind and outlook on the world, here are three books I recommend.

1. Inside the Magic Kingdom

Inside the Magic Kingdom, by Tom Connellan, takes you through the secrets and practices of Disney’s success in the hospitality world. Be warned though, you will never see the parks the same! The last time I stepped in the parks, I was immediately reminded of the book. This book has seven themes that not only help you better your customer service skills but also make you think about how much the little things you do matter.  

2. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Many schools nowadays teach about the fixed and growth mindset. However, Carol S. Dweck does an impeccable job explaining how our environment influences our perception of our talents and abilities. The idea of personal success is up to you to redefine, and I believe this book can help you feel more comfortable trying new things and thinking outside of the “I can’t” statements.

3. Outliers: The Story of Success

Malcolm Gladwell does a great job expanding on how our environment affects our success. From hockey players to pilots and even to The Beatles, this book explains the secrets to their overall success that anyone can relate to. If you find data and research in your future, I’d also highly recommend this book because the amount of research in this book is remarkable!

With the definition of success being different for everyone, these books allow for a lot of room to grow as a person and a leader. If you can find the time to learn about different perspectives and methods, especially from these books, you are setting yourself up for a great start in your future career path.


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