DECA Direct Magazine: The Finance Issue is Available Now

The Finance Issue will help you take your finance game to the next level. From saving and investing to budgeting and fundraising, you'll find it here. The issue also features resources and ideas to help your chapter prepare for Career and Technical Education Month® in February.

DECA Idea Challenge 2019 Winning Teams Announced

DECA Inc. is excited to announce this year’s DECA Idea Challenge global winners! A premier event of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), the DECA Idea Challenge dared elementary through university students to generate a new use for shoelaces in merely a week!…

Chapter Resources

Fundraise Your Way to ICDC

Fundraising often gets a bad reputation for being too hard or not producing the desired outcome. However, by following the six keys to fundraising, you will soon find yourself with money to fund your chapter’s trip to Nashville.

Six Ways to Celebrate #CTEMonth

Each February, students, educators and administrators raise awareness of career and technical education (CTE) by celebrating Career and Technical Education Month® . So how can you celebrate CTE Month and show support for DECA and your school’s program? These are the…

How to Use DECA's Impact Report in Your Advocacy Efforts

When advocating for DECA and CTE, during Career and Technical Education Month® you must always be prepared to provide accurate information and answer questions without hesitation Most likely, your interactions with community members, school administrators and policymakers will be brief and…


Money, Money, Money

DECA’s array of high school competitive events and learning programs provide DECA members an opportunity to learn about all aspects of finance – accounting, business finance, financial consulting, personal financial literacy, investments, capital and more.


The Best Apps for Your 2020 #FinanceGoals

A new year means new resolutions, and there’s no better way to kick-off the new decade than taking charge of your financial future. Whether your financial goals this year include getting started with investing or simply creating your first budget, there’s an app for that!

Personal Finance 101

I’ll be honest… Money management is a skill that took me a long time to acquire. I used to be the type of person that would get lunch money from my parents and spend it all on Gushers from the cafeteria...

5 Tips to Get Hired from a Career Fair

I know firsthand how daunting career fairs can be. I remember showing up as a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior and just walking around and staring at recruiters, unsure what I was supposed to do. It’s when you’re expected to…

Conference Highlights

Atlanta: A City for Everybody

In just a few months, Collegiate DECA will be embarking to Atlanta, Georgia for the 2020 International Career Development Conference! As you study for your career cluster exam, review performance indicators and perfect your presentation, be sure to look forward…

DECA ICDC Discount Travel Information

DECA has arranged special considerations for airfare for those attending the 2020 Sports and Entertainment Marketing Conference in Orlando, FL, and the International Career Development Conference in Nashville, TN. Check out some special deals and discounts for air travel below.…

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