How To Sell Yourself

Mar 1, 2024

As the semester wraps up, the eve of opportunity is on the horizon. Whether you have chapter officer elections coming up, a big interview for your summer internship or even pitching your new business brand - there are many avenues in which you would have to sell yourself. Here, I’ll dive into what that looks like and how to go about it.

Be Confident

The first step to convincing an employer to hire you or to convince members to vote for you is to make sure you are projecting confidence. How you hold yourself and conduct yourself through verbal and non-verbal language is extremely important. A strong leader keeps an even tone, has an open stance, makes periods of eye contact and can command a room. To build confidence, practice things like interview questions or speeches in your mirror so you can watch your habits and tweak them as needed.

Elevator Pitch

Condensing yourself down into a simple one-minute pitch is no easy task - but there is a secret weapon that can make it so much easier. The elevator pitch is a tool many professionals use to make sure they have a go-to, reliable way to describe themselves. The name derives from the fact that the pitch should be short and engaging enough to deliver to someone you just met on an elevator. There are several ways to create one, and you can change it for certain audiences - but you should definitely have your name, qualifications and what you want.

Keep It Simple

The last thing you want to do is confuse your audience by overcomplicating your personal brand. Keep things simple by condensing down longer explanations into something more palatable. One way to go about this is to imagine explaining your company/organization to someone who has never heard of it in under 30 seconds. Also, make sure you don’t include too much irrelevant information. If it's integral to your story, leave it in - but if your overarching pitch wouldn’t change much if you left it out, consider dropping it.

Be Unique

Being unique can sometimes feel like a challenge, but remember that you are the only you that exists. Being yourself is the simplest way to be unique. You can also intentionally bring something new to the table by showcasing a special idea or initiative. Set yourself apart from other candidates by ensuring your energy and passion are incredibly individual for what you are trying to accomplish. While it’s great to have leadership inspiration, being yourself is the best way to stand out.

Selling yourself doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you can already sell goods and services in role plays or presentations, then you are more than ready to sell yourself to any employer, chapter or board of investors. Remember to be confident, rely on your elevator pitch, keep things simple and be yourself; people will be sure to buy in.


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