Funding Your Chapter's Impact

By starting with a simple event, your chapter can build unfaltering connections with community businesses, involve your peers, and raise money for causes that you are passionate about. 

#OneDECA, A Call to Connect

Learn more about DECA’s monthly call for all members. You’ll be able to collaborate on an international level, yet still bring back your newfound experience and ideas o your local chapter.

Connecting the DECA Community - Power Trip and One DECA

Every month the Executive Officer team is hosting an opportunity through the video chat supporter on Zoom for student leaders to share ideas and get to know one another. Centered around a key topic for the month members share their experiences and ideas which are then documented for future generations of DECA association and chapter leaders. On December 18th at 10 PM EST, join the Executive Officer team as we discuss chapter fundraising.

3 Tips for Successful Fundraising

Fundraising is a beneficial technique to foster growth for your chapter, develop publicity across your community, and support DECA. The three tips provided should help your current strategies become more efficient by looking at unique avenues and approaches for maximized success!

5 Fun Fall Fundraising Ideas

For DECA members, fall ameans that regional conferences are quickly approaching. This year, the Western Region Leadership Conference will be in Anaheim, the Central Region Leadership Conference will be in Detroit, and The Ultimate DECA Power Trip will be in Baltimore. For many chapters, attending a regional conferences is an expensive trip, but have no fear, fall fundraising tips are here!

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