Fundraising with Flair: 5 Ways to Fundraise for Your Chapter 

Jul 3, 2023

Fundraising is an essential part of any organization, including DECA chapters. It allows chapters to financially support their various activities and events, from attending conferences to ensuring your members have the tools to succeed. Fundraising also helps to promote your chapter and raise awareness within the community. But how can you make your fundraising efforts stand out and reach your goals? Here are five creative ways to fundraise for your chapter with flair.  

1. Build Business Partnerships  

Businesses and organizations love to partner with school-based programs, especially career-oriented ones. Reach out to companies and propose a sponsorship package. You can create incentives and advertisements for businesses in exchange for a partnership in which they sponsor or donate to your chapter. When doing this, make sure to remain professional, responsible and gracious.  

2. Organize an Event to Benefit your Chapter  

Your chapter can plan an event where all funds generated go directly to your cause. First, collaborate with your members and leaders to select an event. Event ideas can include a silent auction, bake sale, fashion show, car wash, sports tournament, etc. After you choose an event, plan out your function and sell tickets or encourage donations from attendees. Prior to your event, it is essential to advertise your event effectively and utilize avenues such as social media.  

3. Harness Corporate Community Fundraising Programs  

One overlooked yet simple way to generate funds for your chapter is through corporate community fundraising programs. There are several types of fundraising programs that companies offer. Your chapter can partner with a restaurant for a night to receive a percentage of the profits or research companies that will match the dollar amount your chapter fundraises. Research different programs and select which one works best for your chapter.  

4. Sell Merchandise or Services  

Selling merchandise or services can be a great way to engage your members and expand your chapter’s outreach. Have each of your chapter’s members reach out to family, friends and peers to see if they would be interested in buying items your chapter sells. Consider selling items such as food, plants or merchandise. By doing this, you are marketing to an entire community and spreading awareness of your cause. Your chapter can also provide individual services in addition to selling items, such as delivering the items.  

5. Host a Raffle for a Prize Drawing  

Raffles provide an opportunity for your supporters to win exciting prizes while also backing your chapter's initiatives. You can partner with local businesses to donate prizes that can be raffled off. This could include gift cards, cash prizes or even experiences such as concert tickets or a spa day. By offering exciting prizes and a chance to win big, members of your community are excited to support your chapter.    

Using one or multiple of these ideas and strategies, your DECA chapter can raise the funds you need while having fun and engaging with your community. Remember to promote your events in advance and have plenty of supplies to ensure a successful fundraiser.  


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