Cape Henlopen DECA Hits Jackpot with Game Show

Mar 11, 2024

Contributed by Ella Walker | Cape Henlopen High School DECA, DE

Through the dedicated efforts of the Cape DECA members, Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Delaware, held its first-ever “Come On Down” game show this past February. The high-school version of The Price is Right fundraised an impressive $1,200 for the club's highly anticipated trip to the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) this spring.

The event was the brainchild of Cape DECA President Andrew Racz, stemming from a concept he initially developed for a marketing final last year. Despite initial doubts about pulling off such an enormous undertaking, Racz and Vice President of Leadership Wiley Owens thought the game show concept could reduce student expenses for ICDC, which, following a strong performance at state competitions, 33 members have qualified for. The team worked diligently for nine months to bring the event to life, building school buzz with candy guessing games and distributing thousands of flyers throughout the Cape district.

Racz credits the community for supporting their efforts, with games donated by local amusement park Funland and the Cape carpentry class constructing a Price is Right style spinning wheel. Attendees could purchase a viewer or competitive ticket — competitive tickets included the chance to be called on stage to play games. With over 100 tickets sold, the team surpassed their attendance expectations.

Owens says the biggest highlight for him was watching people come in.

"It was nice seeing them show up and support us," he says.

The event featured four rounds inspired by classic T.V. game shows and was tailored with local elements; many trivia questions and prizes related to local restaurants, businesses and the history of the Cape Henlopen community. Between rounds, festive mini-games like an egg-and-spoon race and a number-guessing game encouraged audience participation. Although he lost in the final Family Feud-inspired round, Cape senior Oscar Hageman said he had a good time.

Hageman's favorite part was winning the "#SelfieGame," where he got to take pictures with people in the audience.

"I think in the future it could be even bigger," Hageman says about the show.

Roxanne Swift, the final winner of "Come On Down,” comments on the fundraiser's success as someone with experience advising school clubs.

"I wish I could've done something like this," Swift says.
Vice President of Marketing Jack Flynn says his favorite part of the night was "seeing the enjoyment from the overall audience."

As a junior and incoming state officer, Flynn looks forward to organizing the show again next year, highlighting that the event strengthened connections between DECA and the community.

Vice President Krish Prattipati says he loved “interacting with the audience and meeting the contestants as they went up to compete.”

He also mentions how he is very proud of the whole team for organizing such an amazing event and that it took much commitment and dedication from start to finish.

Reflecting on the night, Racz says, "There is nothing I would change because I feel like we learned a lot from how it went." He hopes the event will inspire other DECA chapters and fellow clubs at Cape to reach new heights. "This is the largest thing any DECA chapter has ever done in Delaware individually," he says, "It was really exciting that we were the team that got that going."

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