Aligning Fundraising with Your Community’s Events

Oct 1, 2023

Aligning fundraising with your community's events can be a strategic way to raise funds while fostering a sense of togetherness and support among community members. Whether you're raising funds for your competitive event, chapter or association, here are some steps to align fundraising with your community’s events effectively:

Identify Relevant Community Events

Start by identifying the events that are important and popular within your community.

These could include:

  • Local festivals
  • Fairs
  • Sporting events
  • Holidays
  • Community-specific gatherings like school fairs or cultural functions (ex: church fairs, garba nights, haunted houses)

Set Clear Fundraising Goals

Define clear and realistic fundraising goals. Determine how much money you need to raise and what it will be used for.

Choose the Right Fundraising Activity

Select a fundraising activity or method that complements the event and resonates with your community.

Some options include:

  • Food booths: Selling popular food or snacks at the event.
  • Merchandise sales: Selling branded merchandise related to the event or your organization.
  • Games and contests: Organizing games or competitions that charge entry fees.
  • Arts and crafts: organizing arts and crafts that are specific to the theme of your organization or the theme of the event.
  • Silent auctions or raffles: Auctioning off items or experiences donated by local businesses.
  • Community service initiatives: Offering services like parking, cleanup or event assistance in exchange for donations.

Secure Permits and Permissions

Ensure you have all the necessary permits and permissions to operate at a community event. This includes adhering to any event rules or guidelines. If you are doing an independent fundraiser, ensure you are not overstepping another organization’s routine fundraiser.

Plan for Future Events

Use the knowledge and experience gained from this event to plan for future fundraising efforts. Consider what worked well and what could be improved upon. Take notes on other community-oriented fundraisers you can participate in in the future.

Aligning fundraising with community events can be a win-win situation. It allows you to raise funds for your cause while strengthening community bonds and engaging with a broader audience. Remember the community’s interests and needs as you plan your fundraising activities to ensure a successful and mutually beneficial outcome!


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