Experience the Difference with Fundraising this Spring Semester

Mar 1, 2024

With the spring semester fully in motion, student organizations balance academic commitments with extracurricular activities and fundraising efforts. It becomes increasingly important to fundraise with conference season, competition preparation and final events coming up. Here are a few ways to fundraise this semester to help you finish the year strong.

On-campus Fundraisers

  • Pie a Member: Pie a member is a crowd favorite. It’s an engaging event on campus and can raise a couple hundred dollars in just a few hours. Set up a table on campus and charge students a small fee to pie the volunteer members with whipped cream (pro tip: shaving cream if you want to avoid the milky smell), and watch as the money starts racking in.
  • Bake Sale: Every college student craves a sweet treat between classes. From cupcakes to brownies, making sure to sell desserts with a good profit margin can quickly help you raise money for your chapter.
  • Raffles: Get students excited for a chance to win a large prize. Secure prize donations from local businesses or purchase prizes for a few lucky students. Not only does a raffle incentivize students to donate, but if marketed correctly to the entire student body, it can quickly raise a few thousand dollars!
  • Merchandise Sales: Selling T-shirts, hats, water bottles and more is an exceptional way to raise money. Advertising them online and at events to members and the community outside of DECA will make money and raise brand awareness. This is also a great opportunity to have matching merchandise with your chapter’s members!

Sponsors and Business Partners

  • Benefit Nights: Collaborate with local restaurants or businesses to host benefit nights where a percentage of sales are donated to your organization. This is a great opportunity to fundraise and bring the DECA community together for an event.
  • Sponsors: While reaching out to potential sponsors is often prioritized during the fall semester, there is still time to obtain sponsorships during the spring. Reach out to as many local and corporate businesses as possible, letting them know of the DECA mission, and incentivize their support through various sponsorship packages your chapter can offer in exchange for financial support.
  • Silent Auction: Gift baskets, event tickets and more can be offered during a silent auction open to the public. Contact local businesses about donating a silent auction item, and prepare for a night of bidding and excitement.

The spring season is full of fundraising opportunities to raise money and unite the community. Collaboration within your university and community is also vital to fundraising success. Explore fundraising methods that have already been successful within your community and expand your outreach to gain maximum results!


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