Watch Now: The 2020-2021 #NextLevel Membership Video

Aug 11, 2020

This is not just another year. This is the year we push our limits and set our sights higher than ever before. No matter what your dreams and goals for the future, propel yourself to the #NextLevel with DECA.

Watch the 2020-2021 DECA Membership Video now.

Also, view and download the 0:50 second short version to share on your chapter's social media channels.

Advisors: Check out the Classroom Discussion Guide to help you introduce your students to DECA.


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Discussion Questions

  • 1
    What are the four career areas in which DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs? Which area is most interesting to you, and why?
  • 2
    Name three leadership skills you’re looking to gain or improve upon during this school year.
  • 3
    What is something you hope to learn through DECA that you think will apply to your future career?
  • 4
    How can participating in DECA’s competitive events prepare you for college and/or your career?

Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:

Instructional Area(s):

Performance Indicators:

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