Case Study of the Week: Increasing Sales by Adding New Services

Nov 13, 2023

Food Marketing

You are to assume the role of the general manager at Madison Foods, a local grocery store in a city with 50,000 people. The owner of the store wants you to determine a new service to offer that will lead to increased sales.  

Madison Foods offers the typical departments most grocery stores offer, produce, bakery, meat, dairy, deli, health and beauty, and a wide variety of frozen foods and packaged, canned and boxed items. Madison Foods offers its customers curbside and delivery service.

There are two other grocery stores in the city. One is a big-box retail chain, and the other is a popular supermarket chain with 400 locations across the region.

The owner of Madison Foods wants to add a new service that will excite current customers, attract new customers and lead to an increase in sales. The owner would like you to determine the new service Madison Foods should offer and explain how it will build relationships, attract new customers and lead to an increase in sales.


Randi Bibiano
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Classroom Connection

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Performance Indicators:

Explain the nature and scope of the selling function
Explain key factors in building a clientele
Discuss motivational theories that impact buying behavior
Explain the role of customer service as a component of selling relationships