Case Study of the Week: From Hire Date to Start Date

May 27, 2024

Human Resources Management

You are to assume the role of the director of human resources for Fun Time, a popular manufacturer and marketer of children’s toys. The vice president wants you to create a welcome package for new employees that will keep them engaged from hire date to start date.

Fun Time makes fun toys and also has a fun headquarters workplace culture. Employees are encouraged to decorate their office with Fun Time toys, the employee social areas are set up with couches, games, and the latest prototypes. All major decisions regarding products and marketing must pass the question, “But is it fun?” Employees love the relaxed and happy culture.

A leading human resources management association conducted a nationwide study and found that 50% of new hires end up backing out of the hiring agreement before their start date. This percentage has been increasing for several years but has reached an all-time high. Employers are unable to count on new hires showing up for their first day of work.

Fun Time’s headquarters office has encountered this issue several times. Fun Time has spent time and resources interviewing applicants two or three times, checking references and communicating job offers that are accepted only to have the new hire back out before the agreed start date. While it is disappointing, it is also a waste of company time and resources.

The vice president wants you to create welcome packages for new hires that will keep them engaged with Fun Time between hire date and start date. The vice president wants you to explain what will be in the welcome packages, how Fun Time employees can be involved and how the packages can reflect the Fun Time culture.


Randi Bibiano
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Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:

Business Management and Administration

Instructional Area(s):

Emotional Intelligence

Performance Indicators:

Discuss factors that impact human resources management
Explain the nature of effective communications
Explain the nature of organizational culture
Perform post-employment offer activities