How YOU Can Get Involved with the Collegiate DECA Program of Leadership

Aug 1, 2023

As we look to the future, ready to start the school year strong, your Collegiate DECA Executive Officer Team is excited to introduce the 2023–2024 Collegiate DECA Program of Leadership. Here’s some of what we are working on, and how you can get involved!

1. Member Engagement

The Leadership Passport Program is a great way to get engaged and participate. The program helps you academically and professionally while you learn as a leader in your community. The Chapter Passport is another great accomplishment and can provide some great opportunities to work with your chapter on campus, hold fundraising events or host community service projects.

2. Leadership Development

The return of monthly One Diamond Calls is something to look forward to, with various topics throughout the year to help you network with members, connect with other chapters and associations and grow as a leader.

3. Member Recruitment

There are many unique ideas that you can do on campus, such as collaborative events with other clubs and like-minded student organizations. You can also work with your local high school chapters, such as helping to prepare the members for upcoming competitions and conferences, presenting a workshop or inviting them to a campus tour.

Changing your competitive event? Running for an officer position? Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? Whatever it may be, we are so excited to see what all of you experience the difference this year, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next One Diamond Call!


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