Watch Now: Leadership Lessons from Geekdom

Apr 28, 2020

It’s time to geek out! In this virtual session led by Matt Meuleners, you will learn about the quirky subcultures and communities born out of the fixation of various interests, uncover the powerful success behaviors geeks exhibit, and find practical guidance as an emerging leader and how to tap into strengths in your teams

Meet Matt Mueleners

A professional facilitator and keynote speaker for 18 years, Matt Meuleners has combined his message of integrity in leadership with youthful energy and sense of humor that allows him to connect with an audience.

As a partner in FOCUS Training, Matt has trained hundreds of business and educational leaders to fulfill their crucial roles within their organizations, delivered his keynote message to thousands of people, and developed valuable leadership curriculum. Matt is an expert in mentoring and mentorship programs and consults with schools and organizations across the country on these efforts.

Matt holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin as well as a B.A. in Marketing. He has served in many leadership positions including the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee and continues to lead in alumni and guidance roles. In addition to numerous positions in high school, he also served as the international DECA president and is now an active alumni member.

Above all, Matt is a geek. Since the age of eight, he has been immersed in worlds of science fiction and fantasy, and especially the communities that have grown out of them. As a grown-up geek, Matt plays D&D, wears his Starfleet uniform to work, and obsesses over the best way to introduce his sons to the Star Wars movies. He has spent years researching, observing, and interviewing geeks of all strips in their “natural habitats.” Students will walk away with a new perspective on acceptance, personal leadership, and the wisdom of geeks.


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