Case Study of the Week: Using Ticketing Kiosks to Gather Customer Information

Feb 12, 2024

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

You are to assume the role of a ticket sales representative at Wild Escape Amusement Park. Your supervisor has asked you how the park can gather customer information using ticketing kiosks.

Wild Escape Amusement Park upgraded technology in the ticket sales area to include kiosks that guests can use to purchase park tickets without needing to engage with a ticket sales representative.

Park executives want to gather guests’ place of residence to determine how far guests travel to visit Wild Escape. Your supervisor has asked you how the park can gather that specific customer information using the new kiosks.


Randi Bibiano
Competitive Events Specialist

Randi Bibiano is DECA's competitive events specialist. In this role, she conceptualizes and authors role-play scenarios for the collegiate and high school division’s competitive events programs. She also manages DECA's online competitive events and serves as a liaison to volunteer efforts at DECA's educational conferences.

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Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:

Hospitality and Tourism

Instructional Area(s):

Information Management

Performance Indicators:

Assess information needs
Obtain needed information efficiently
Identify ways that technology impacts business
Discuss the nature of information management