Case Study of the Week: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Lending

Feb 13, 2023

Principles of Finance

You are to assume the role of a loan officer at Coopers Savings & Loan. You must explain to another loan officer the importance of emotional intelligence when helping customers apply for a loan.

Customers apply for loans for a variety of reasons. The loan application involves several pieces of personal information including, but not limited to, bank statements, tax records, credit reports and scores, and payroll information. Customers must provide extremely personal information with loan officers simply to apply for a loan. Loan officers not only prepare the application, but also communicate the approval or denial of the loan to applicants. 

You must explain to another loan officer why emotional intelligence is important in the role of a loan officer. You must explain the importance of privacy, ethics, and treating all customers with dignity and respect.


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Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:


Instructional Area(s):

Emotional Intelligence

Performance Indicators:

Describe the nature of emotional intelligence
Demonstrate ethical work habits
Respect the privacy of others
Treat others with dignity and respect