Case Study of the Week: The Benefits of the Farmer's Market

January 10, 2022

Restaurant and Food Service

You are to assume the role of the general manager of Café on the Square, a restaurant located in the town’s main square. The owner of the restaurant has asked you to determine how the restaurant can participate in a weekly farmer’s market.

Café on the Square has been operating for 20 years. The café opens at 11 a.m. on Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner and opens at 10 a.m. on Sundays to offer brunch. The restaurant is located on the city square, a four-block area that surrounds the local courthouse. The city square offers a variety of retail shops, restaurants, and galleries.

Each Saturday morning during the late spring and summer, the city offers Farmers Market on the Square, a time for local farmers and vendors to sell their products. The vendors have tables set up along all four blocks of the square and each week large crowds come out to support the farmers market. The market is open from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

The only foodservice business open during Farmers Market on the Square is a local donut shop. The donut shop sells donuts, pastries, and a variety of beverages. The local donut shop does quite well in sales on Saturday mornings, as it is the only option to feed the large crowds.

The owner of Café on the Square feels it would be beneficial for the restaurant to offer some products during Farmers Market on the Square, but does not want to fully staff the restaurant or have the entire establishment open for business. The owner has asked you to determine how Café on the Square can participate in sales on Saturday mornings and how to promote it.


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Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:

Hospitality + Tourism

Instructional Area(s):

Product/Service Management

Performance Indicators:

Discuss the nature of the menu as a management tool
Explain the concept of product mix
Identify product’s/service’s competitive advantage
Explain promotional methods used by the hospitality and tourism industry