Case Study of the Week: Should Hospitality Services Be Open To The Public?

March 21, 2021

Hospitality & Tourism

You are to assume the role of general manager at The Lodge at Creek City. The owner of the property wants to offer pool memberships to community members and wants you to determine the terms of the memberships that will not negatively affect guests.

The Lodge at Creek City is located in a town of 3,000 people. The Lodge at Creek City is located three miles away from the city center. There are only 25 guest rooms at The Lodge at Creek City, but the property is equipped with a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, lounge, and coffee shop. The pool hours are from 7:00 AM until midnight.

The local community swimming pool is open Memorial Day through Labor Day and offers residents daily swimming passes for $5/day or season passes for $25. This year, the local community swimming pool sold too many season passes, and the pool reaches capacity every day. Residents have been complaining about the crowded conditions and sometimes being denied entry.

Since The Lodge at Creek City has been experiencing low occupancy, the owner wants to offer pool memberships to community members. The outdoor swimming pool at The Lodge at Creek City has 100-person occupancy, and rarely is there more than a handful of guests utilizing the pool during the weekdays.

The owner wants you to determine the terms of The Lodge at Creek City pool membership for community members. Specifically, the owner wants you to consider:

  • Hours the pool would be open to community members
  • Hours the pool would be open for The Lodge at Creek City guests
  • Security considerations for hotel guests
  • How offering pool membership would build relationships for future clientele


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Hospitality + Tourism

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Performance Indicators:

Explain key factors in building a clientele
Explain the role of customer service as a component of selling relationships
Acquire product information for use in selling
Identify product’s/service’s competitive advantage