Case Study of the Week: Security and Information Privacy in Healthcare

Mar 4, 2024

Principles of Business Management and Administration

You are to assume the role of an employee at Graham Healthcare, a healthcare and insurance company. A co-worker has asked to explain why security and information privacy are important in operations.

Your department works with inputting patient care into the server and assigning billing codes. The tasks of the job allow you to see patient information including personal information and healthcare information.

Your co-worker is complaining about needing to change passwords too often to enter the work portal and to access patient accounts. The co-worker also does not understand why the office is secure with locked doors, needing a passcode or assistance to enter. Finally, the co-worker does not understand why signed agreements are needed from all employees to keep all patient records confidential.


Randi Bibiano
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Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:

Business Management and Administration

Instructional Area(s):


Performance Indicators:

Protect company information and intangibles
Explain routine security precautions
Explain information privacy, security, and confidentiality considerations in business
Comply with policies and procedures for use of property and equipment