Case Study of the Week: Methods to Market an Inconvenient Location

Feb 27, 2023

Restaurant and Food Marketing

You are to assume the role of the marketing director for Ricardo’s, a mid-priced restaurant with 10 locations. The owner of Ricardo’s has asked you to develop a marketing plan that will build a new location’s local clientele, given its unique location. 

Ricardo’s menu prices reflect mid-priced entrees served a la carte with the option of adding side items, salads, and appetizers. The first nine Ricardo’s locations have been a great success, all located in large cities. The newest Ricardo’s location is set to be open next month, inside the largest shopping mall in the nation. 

The owner knows that building a clientele while being located inside the largest shopping mall is a challenge. Mall executives state that the majority of mall visitors are tourists, however locals do make up 40% of daily mall traffic. Locals tend to visit the mall for entertainment or for specific shopping purposes, rather than for a meal. 

The owner has asked you to develop a marketing plan for the new RICARDO’S location inside the nation’s largest shopping mall. The owner wants you to choose a select audience, or target market, and determine marketing strategies that will best attract that audience, given that some may be apprehensive about dining at a restaurant inside the largest mall and the unique challenges that may present (parking, locating the restaurant, time involved). 


Randi Bibiano
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Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:

Hospitality and Tourism

Instructional Area(s):

Market Planning

Performance Indicators:

Explain factors that influence customer selection of food places and menu items
Explain the use of marketing strategies in hospitality and tourism
Identify ways to segment hospitality and tourism markets
Explain key factors in building a clientele