Case Study of the Week: Marketing a Partnership

Apr 8, 2024

Hotel and Lodging

You are to assume the role of the marketing manager for Aroon Properties, a hospitality company with over 5,000 properties. The chief marketing officer wants you to determine how to best market the company’s partnership with a national brand that will strengthen existing relations with customers.

Aroon Properties has limited service, full-service and luxury service brands. All Aroon Properties include fitness centers; however, the equipment available in each fitness center varies depending on brand type. This service is part of the brand’s commitment to wellness.

The national exercise equipment and media company, Road Race, wants to partner with Aroon Properties. Road Race produces stationary bicycles that are used with a streaming media service to access classes and features for exercise. Road Race became extremely popular during the pandemic as restrictions closed gyms and caused a focus on wellness. Road Race customers pay a fee for the stationary bicycle and a monthly subscription rate for access to the streaming media service.

Since pandemic restrictions have lifted, Road Race has seen a significant decline in the number of new stationary bicycles purchased. The number of streaming media subscriptions is stable, so customers are still enjoying the workout however Road Race is not seeing the same number of new customers.

Road Race wants to partner with Aroon Properties and put one or two Road Race stationary bicycles in each Aroon location. Each Road Race bicycle on premises will have an attached tablet with access to select Road Race classes.

The chief marketing officer wants you to first explain how the partnership will help Aroon Properties in strengthening existing relationships with guests. Next, the chief marketing officer wants you to determine how to best market the new partnership to both new and existing clientele.


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Hospitality and Tourism

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Performance Indicators:

Differentiate between service marketing and product marketing
Explain factors that influence customer/client/business buying behavior
Explain the use of marketing strategies in hospitality and tourism
Explain the nature of hotel/lodging marketing