Case Study of the Week: Market Research Needed for Wild Fair Amusement Park

September 20, 2021

Travel & Tourism

You are the director of community relations for Jumbo Entertainment, a company that owns and operates two amusement parks. One of the amusement parks, Wild Fair, has been in operation for just over three years. Wild Fair features 48 attractions that sit on 125 acres of land in a city of just over 40,000 people. The city is located 30 miles outside of a metropolitan area.

Wild Fair did not have an easy start. After it was publicly reported that Jumbo Entertainment was purchasing land to build the amusement park, the local population was not happy. The 125 acres, plus additional acres for parking, was a green space that would need to be cleared for construction. The closest residents to the proposed Wild Fair location were extremely upset about the changes that would be made in the neighborhood, including an increase in traffic, noise, and pollution.

Residents quickly signed petitions calling for an end. to the sale of land to Wild Fair. Many heated debates were held at the local city hall, but in the end Jumbo Entertainment was able to construct and open Wild Fair

Executives at Jumbo Entertainment knew that the local community was not happy with the plans for Wild Fair. Executives also knew that in order for Wild Fair to be successful, the amusement park needed the support and attendance of the local community.

During the ribbon cutting ceremony, only residents of the city were allowed inside the park. Residents were given free parking, free admission, free food and beverage coupons and were able to sign up for weekly emails. Jumbo Entertainment sends free admission coupons to those that attended the ribbon cutting ceremony quarterly.

Now, three years after the opening of Wild Fair, executives want to determine if local residents’ attitudes have changed about Wild Fair. Executives are also interested in learning the residents’ comments on the effect Wild Fair has had on the community and are open to suggestions on how to improve its service to the local community. Executives want as many local participants as possible to contribute to the market information.

You must design a questionnaire that will collect needed information from local residents. You must determine:

  • Information needed
  • Specific questions to ask (both open-ended and closed-ended questions)
  • Comments to request from residents
  • Methods to distribute the questionnaire
  • Methods to collect completed questionnaire


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Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:

Hospitality + Tourism

Instructional Area(s):

Information Management

Performance Indicators:

Determine questions to ask to elicit needed data for marketing research issue/problem
Create simple questionnaires
Describe methods used to collect hospitality and tourism business information
Monitor attitude changes among local population