Case Study of the Week: Deliver Rootville wants Food Time to go local

March 21, 2021


You are to assume the role of the owner of Deliver Rootville, a small business that provides delivery services to the community of Rootville. You will be meeting with the owner of an independent grocery store to propose an exclusive business relationship.

Deliver Rootville has been operating for three years, providing the residents of Rootville delivery service. The business partners with area restaurants and retailers to provide the service. Each business that partners with Deliver Rootville is charged a flat monthly fee, and Deliver Rootville customers pay a $5.00 convenience fee for each delivered order.

Deliver Rootville has great ratings and pages of positive remarks. Customers repeatedly praise the business’s great customer service and love of supporting a local business.

The independent grocery store Food Time has three locations in the community. The owner of Food Time wants to begin offering grocery deliver services. The owner is considering using a large online grocery delivery service that is very well-known. The owner feels the large delivery service is the best choice due to its national reputation and their low $3.00 convenience delivery fee.

You will meet with the owner of Food Time to propose and persuade the owner to partner with Deliver Rootville for delivery services rather than the large national service.


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Product/Service Management
Identify company’s unique selling proposition
Identify internal and external service standards
Explain the role of customer service in positioning/image
Identify company’s brand promise