Case Study of the Week: A National Chain Makes Plans for a Rural Location

November 22, 2021


You are to assume the role of district operations manager for Go-Mart. The district vice president has asked you to determine which brand of Go-Mart retail store is best for a new rural location.

Go-Mart is the leading big box retailer in the world. Currently, Go-Mart has two types of branded retail stores: the Go-Mart Supercenter and Neighborhood Go-Mart. The Go-Mart Supercenters are quite large and carry a large assortment of products in grocery, household goods, health and beauty, toys, apparel, shoes, craft, outdoor living, automotive, sports and seasonal merchandise. Neighborhood Go-Mart stores carry grocery items and a small assortment of health and beauty items.

The town of Opal has 1,000 people and is surrounded by four other small communities with less than 500 people in each. The area has one school district with each school located in Opal. Opal has one local grocery store, a dollar-type store and a gas station. All of the other small communities have convenience stores. The closest Go-Mart Supercenter is 50 miles away and the closest Neighborhood Go-Mart store is 30 miles away.

The district vice president has asked you to determine the following:

  • The pros/cons and considerations in opening a Go-Mart Supercenter in Opal
  • The pros/cons and considerations in opening a Neighborhood Go-Mart in Opal
  • Final recommendation


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Explain the concept of market and market identification
Identify factors affecting a business’s profit
Determine factors affecting business risk
Explain the concept of competition