Blacksburg DECA's September Soiree Is a Success

Oct 14, 2022

Contributed by Ella Prevette | Blacksburg DECA, VA

In early September, Blacksburg DECA hosted its first annual "September Soiree" for potential members, including current marketing students and students enrolled in a marketing class next semester. The goal of this event was to promote DECA's positive atmosphere and show marketing students why they should consider joining the organization. Attendees enjoyed an afternoon of fun icebreaker games, snacks and a short presentation about DECA at the social.

This membership recruitment event was hosted by the chapter's Co-VPs of New Member Recruitment and the VP of Hospitality. Multiple Instagram and Twitter posts were sent out to current followers of Blacksburg DECA social media to market the event. Printed paper invites were also hand-delivered to every second-semester marketing student. Thirty students attended the event, along with 14 officers and two advisors.

"I believe that the paper invites made a major difference in attendance, as second-semester students felt more appreciated with a physical invite. I think we stood out from other organizations because the typical method of communication is through email and social media, which isn't very effective." Ella Prevette, Co-VP of New Member Recruitment, says. "We look forward to hosting more events for our members throughout the year, and want to continue this social as a tradition in the coming school years!

Follow Blacksburg DECA on Twitter @Blacksburg_deca and Instagram @blacksburgdeca.


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