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New SBE Instructional Units and Lesson Plans for Advisors | DECA Direct Online

As an advisor, DECA provides you with a powerful array of tools and classroom resources that you can integrate into classroom instruction and help build the framework for

Put DECA+ to Work in Your Classroom | DECA Direct Online

Put DECA+ to Work in Your Classroom. DECA News. Put DECA+ to Work in Your Classroom. October 17, 2022. Are your DECA members looking to earn DECA glass this year?

Welcome to the Reimagined DECA Direct Online | DECA Direct Online

– This new go-to spot for the key 411 ensures important announcements don’t get lost with the other great news and resources.

Case Study of the Week: The Need for Professional Development | DECA Direct Online

The administrative services department schedules classes for professors, assigns classrooms, and tends to all class needs.

DECA Direct Magazine: Entrepreneurship | DECA Direct Online

The Entrepreneurship Issue features tips, resources and how-to guides to help kickstart your next entrepreneurial endeavor.

Watch Now: Executive Mentor Roundtable on De-stressing | DECA Direct Online

Advisors: Download the Classroom Discussion Guide to use in your classroom.

DECA Direct Magazine: Finance | DECA Direct Online

The issue also features resources and ideas to help your chapter prepare for Career and Technical Education Month® in February.

The Gray Zone: Resources to Foster Ethical Decision-Making Skills | DECA Direct Online

The Gray Zone: Resources to Foster Ethical Decision-Making Skills. Partners. The Gray Zone: Resources to Foster Ethical Decision-Making Skills. November 17, 2022.

Maximizing a Telethon Moment for Brand Awareness, Partner Activation and Cause Raising | DECA Direct Online

Use the Classroom Discussion Guide for a ready-made lesson plan that accompanies the video. Meet the Panelists: Eva Moutrie.

Small Businesses and the Costs of Hyper-Personalization | DECA Direct Online

ForeFront Web. , a Digital Marketing Agency in Columbus, Ohio.

New Year, New Website! Introducing the New | DECA Direct Online

Bring Your Classroom to Life. ” page serves as an advisor dashboard providing monthly themes, upcoming dates and deadlines and suggested activities.

DECA Direct Magazine: What Comes Next? | DECA Direct Online

Whether you’re preparing for college, seeking internships or getting ready to start your career, you’ll find the resources you need to stand out from the crowd.