Put DECA+ to Work in Your Classroom

October 17, 2022

Are your DECA members looking to earn DECA glass this year? Are you looking for ways to integrate DECA into your classroom instruction? Are you looking for ways to provide your students with self-guided instruction? If yes, then you need to explore the benefits of DECA+.

DECA+ is a great resource to use in your classroom. It provides unlimited access to DECA's resources, all in one place. DECA+ can be used in traditional competition preparation or your daily lesson plans. It allows students to explore their career interests and pathways and learn knowledge and skills essential to those careers—all while preparing for competition.

It’s Easy to Incorporate DECA+ into Your classroom

  • Use the vocabulary flip cards as a bell ringer to get a class started.
  • Find current industry trend articles that can be incorporated into your existing curriculum topics.
  • With over 100 case studies available, it is easy to find one that works with any lesson.
  • DECA+ also provides teaching resources to help you get started and manage student accountability.

DECA+ is Everything Your members Need in One Place

  1. Find Your Event: Take a quiz to discover competitive event suggestions based on your interests.
  2. Competitive Event Overview: Review the need-to-know information for your competitive event, including performance indicators and exam blueprints.
  3. Role-play and Exam Practice: Practice with nearly 100 case studies and exams, including district, association and ICDC-level exams from the previous year. Learn strategies for test taking, writing executive summaries, presenting and more.
  4. Written Event Examples: Exclusive access to complete international winning research projects, business plans, integrated marketing campaigns, project management plans and more.
  5. Competition Videos: Watch videos of winning role-plays and interviews to learn from the pros.
  6. Interactive Preparation Tools: Take an online practice exam for specific career clusters or master key industry terminology and key performance indicators with flip cards.
  7. Bonus Features: Explore career fields and industry trends with featured articles and find DECA Direct articles related to your competitive event. Plus, don’t forget to access DECA’s competition success modules!


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