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#WhyDECA Member Showcase: Marc Wilcox

Meet Marc Wilcox from Ardrey Kell DECA in North Carolina. "I was inspired to join DECA by my sports and entertainment marketing teacher, Mr. Neary in my sophomore year."

King Philip DECA Annual Round Table

Alumni members returned to King Philip High School to share the impact DECA has had on their lives. Chapter officers, association officers, international champions and vital DECA members have all left their mark on the King Philip DECA community.

What DECA Means to Station Camp High School

Station Camp DECA officers express what DECA means to them, what they have learned and how this organization has impacted them. Station Camp DECA’s CEO, Zoe Cantrell (Senior), says: “To me, DECA means new opportunities and friendships. DECA has taught…


Chatham Charter DECA's 3 Keys to Membership Success

Chatham Charter, a high school of 200 students, has a DECA chapter with 60 paid members - over one-fourth of the student body! However, these astonishing numbers didn't happen on their own. I'm going to share with you our three main tactics for membership campaign success.

DECA the Halls

The holidays are a time to celebrate with friends and family. Through DECA, strangers become friends and those friends become family... So, who better to celebrate the holidays with than fellow DECA members?

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