MBA Research Conclave 2019 Highlights

DECA was honored to participate in the MBA Research & Curriculum Center Conclave this weekend in Louisville with Kevin Reisenauer, North Dakota DECA Association Advisor and MBAResearch Board Chair; Frank Peterson, Acting Executive Director; Scott Stump, Assistant Secretary for Career, Technical and…

What Went Down at #DECAELS

If you are a chapter or chartered association officer who attended the Emerging Leader Summit in San Diego, then you know it was an incredible time for everyone involved. Between endless networking, instructive EMPOWER and ELEVATE sessions, and an amazing night at Belmont Park it was truly an amazing experience.  If you happened to miss out, here’s what happened:

The ABCs of WRLC

From A-Z, California DECA pulled out all the stops to make this the best conference in the west.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

The journey began with the 536-mile car ride from Akron, Ohio to Baltimore, Maryland. There were seven of us chosen for this amazing opportunity and we were headed to one of the biggest events that one could go to— The Ultimate DECA Power Trip.

In Their Own Words: The WRLC Experience

Western Region Vice President, Jonathan Wilson, interviewed Samantha Murray and Sydnee Johnson from Kelso High School in Washington about their experiences in Southern California at the Western Region Leadership Conference.

Memories and Mementos: A Tradition of Trading at DECA ICDC

Every year when #DECAICDC comes around, anticipation fills the crowd at the opening session with over 20,000 students and advisors. DECA members from all over mix and mingle through the crowd with their flashing hats and glasses, hoping to find the rare and largest pins from other states and provinces.

DECA ICDC 2018 Winners

Congratulations to the finalists and winners from all 2018 ICDC competitive events. Read lists of winners by event, watch the full Grand Awards video and see this year's DECA Inc. scholarship recipients.

Top 5 things that happened at the DECA 5K

The DECA 5K is the first event held at ICDC. Hundreds of DECA-cated students and advisors woke up early in the morning to not only run for DECA, but also for MDA. Here are the top 5 things that happened at the #DECA5K, according to a 5K finisher.

Highlights From #DECAICDC Opening Session

When we think of ICDC some words that come to mind include: life-changing, inspiring, exciting, innovative, spectacular, chaotic (in a good way, of course), and surreal. The 2018 Atlanta ICDC Opening Sessions epitomized all of these descriptions. DECA had the…

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