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How to Choose Your College Major in One Hour or Less

Many high school students agonize over which major they should choose. But, laboring over a decision and making the decision are two different tasks. Which means you’re making more work for yourself! Use this simple how-to guide for you to choose your college major in one hour or less.

Winter Break Checklist

As the holidays approach, it is time to start thinking forward. With the conference season and many important deadlines approaching, let’s plan the best ways to spend your winter break. Here we go! 1. Prep for competition Without classes and…

Hult International Business School Scholarships

Hult International Business School, a National Advisory Board member for DECA, offers a unique scholarship option that is exclusively available to DECA students. At Hult, we believe education should give students so much more than a degree. That's why our…

Attention DECA Members: Need Help Paying for College?

Are you stressed out about affording college? There is an answer... The DECA scholarship program provides over $300,000 in scholarships each year. Many corporate partners of DECA provide funding for the awards presented at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC).…

Earn Your Share of $300,000 in Scholarships

Each year DECA awards over $300,000 in scholarships to deserving high school and college members thanks to the generous support of our National Advisory Board members and corporate partners. Many of these scholarships are offered exclusively to DECA members to…

Career Advice

The Best Apps for Your 2020 #FinanceGoals

A new year means new resolutions, and there’s no better way to kick-off the new decade than taking charge of your financial future. Whether your financial goals this year include getting started with investing or simply creating your first budget, there’s an app for that!

Personal Finance 101

I’ll be honest… Money management is a skill that took me a long time to acquire. I used to be the type of person that would get lunch money from my parents and spend it all on Gushers from the cafeteria...

Don't Spend Your Money Before You Earn It

Are you interested in learning more about personal budgeting? Boosting your credit score? Investing for the first time? Well, then you'll want to check out the Finance Issue of DECA Direct the Magazine!

5 Tips to Get Hired from a Career Fair

I know firsthand how daunting career fairs can be. I remember showing up as a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior and just walking around and staring at recruiters, unsure what I was supposed to do. It’s when you’re expected to…

Ace the Interview

Even the most confident individual can feel unsure and nervous when it comes to job interviews. The prospect of sitting down in front of someone new and being put on the spot can be extremely intimidating and often leads to…

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