Scholarship Applications 101

Sep 18, 2023

Scholarships are due January 12, 2024

Each year, DECA members can apply for over $200,000 in scholarships from corporate partners and DECA leadership. As you begin your scholarship profile and applications, it’s critical to remember application requirements, important information and tips for submissions. Read on to discover all the tips and tricks you need throughout the process.  

Application Requirements

  • You must be a current, registered DECA member to apply for DECA scholarships.
  • Members must apply through the student member portal.
  • You must complete your scholarship profile and click “submit” at the bottom to save changes and populate scholarship applications.
  • Apply only to scholarships that match your college/career interests and in which you meet the criteria.
  • Make sure you click the submit button for each application. If you don’t receive an email from DECA confirming your application was received, check to make sure the application was submitted by emailing

Application Tips

1. Be Detailed

Include as much detail as possible in your scholarship profile since you don’t know the individuals selecting scholarship recipients. The more details, the better they’ll get to know you and your accomplishments, increasing your chance of receiving the scholarships you’ve applied for.

  • For example, in the competitive event detail box, include what event you competed in, if you placed in the event, and if it was at regionals, states, etc. This information carries over to each application that you apply for.
  • Include data as evidence to support your accomplishments. Numbers are a great way to show both timelines and impact.

2. Make Edits

You can edit your profile anytime, which will update information on your application, as long as you haven’t submitted your application. You can save your applications and complete them later by clicking the “Save and Finish Later” button at the end of the application. Unlike most applications, it’s better to wait to submit so you can continue adding information until the submission date.

  • For example, if you submit your application in October and you end up hosting a holiday gift fundraiser for children in need in December, then you’ll be leaving out an impressive accomplishment that will boost your application.
  • If you’re looking for additional involvement opportunities for your application, check out our chapter campaigns and corporate challenges! You can also contact your guidance department to see what clubs, organizations and teams exist at your school for you to join.

3. Review Before Submitting

Before submitting your applications, it’s important to check for accuracy and proofread everything. Sometimes, when you copy and paste information from other documents into your profile or scholarship application, the formatting can be skewed, or special characters may appear.

  • Ask someone else to review and give feedback on your application to ensure it’s in the best shape before submitting it. Choose someone who knows you and your accomplishments well to ensure you communicate yourself best!

Remember that applications must be submitted by January 12, 2024. So, get started today, save as you go and submit for the chance to receive your share of over $200,000!

Learn more about DECA’s scholarship program here.


Cindy Allen
Director of Sponsorships

Cindy Allen is DECA's director of sponsorships. In this role, she develops strategic corporate partnerships and serves as liaison between DECA Inc. and its partnering organizations. She also manages DECA’s scholarship program, coordinates advertising and exhibits and works with special event activities.

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