Discover the Perfect Major and Career Path for You

Nov 15, 2023

Did you know the average person will have 12+ careers in their lifetime? While thousands of careers and college majors can prepare you for your future, picking a career and education path that works for you takes time and research.

If you're ready to find a college, major and career path that’s perfect for you but not sure where to start, here are a few tips to help you get started!

Narrow Your Focus

Start by making a list of the majors and careers that interest you. Open the Encourage app and look up some of your top majors and careers. Then, take the Majors and Careers Quiz. Your results will help you build a manageable list of majors and careers that fit your unique interests and talents.

If you don't have an Encourage account, get started here (and help DECA too!)

Weigh Pros & Cons

Pick a few careers from your Majors and Careers Quiz results and dig a little deeper.


As you review each major, look up the specific requirements. Do the topics fit with your interests and talents? Is it math-heavy? Will you be working in groups or mostly on your own? Does it take 2 years, 4 years, or 6+ years to finish your degree?


Review each career on your list. Will it be easy or hard to find a position when you graduate? What are some of the major job responsibilities? After reading about each job, which ones excite you?  

Check out the Encourage app to find answers to your majors and careers questions.

Imagine Your Future

You’ll be happier in a major and career that matches your expectations and needs.


Think about your schedule. Some majors are very demanding and only leave a little time for electives or classes you take for fun and exploration. Other majors are very flexible, and you can take many classes that match your interests. What schedule/balance feels like it will work for you?


You will spend a HUGE chunk of your week at work. How much personal time do you need? With remote work booming and new careers in AI, industry, and global trade emerging, schedules can include 8-12 hour work days or 4-6 day work weeks. What hours would you like to work? Does that schedule fit with your lifestyle goals and dreams?

As you explore your options, think about what matters most to you. It’s okay to look at other options and even change your education and career path if what you chose doesn't work anymore. Choose a career and education path that’s true to YOU!


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