Top 5 Leadership Podcasts to Listen to this International Podcast Day

Sep 27, 2022

As emerging leaders, we’re always looking for new ways to learn and grow into our leadership styles. These are five podcasts that I have gathered through my own listening or that other DECA leaders have recommended to me.

1. Coaching for Leaders with Dave Stachowiak

This podcast covers all aspects of leadership. From making an impact to responding to burnout, you’ll learn the nitty-gritty of all things important when it comes to leadership! He talks about the basics and leading by example to ensure maximum efficiency.

2. The Look and Sound of Leadership with Tom Henschel

As the name implies, this podcast focuses on what you want your perception as a leader to be! Updated monthly, this podcast gives you skills and tactics you can apply to your life as soon as the episode is over! From keeping cool to handling and resolving conflicts, this podcast can help you find your style and build your leadership!

3. Beyond the To-Do List with Erik Fisher

If you’re looking for a podcast that can help you in a professional leadership setting and your overall productivity, Beyond the To-Do List is for you! Erik Fisher has tips and tricks that you can use in all aspects of your life, and you can start utilizing the knowledge in this podcast in any aspect of your life!

4. The Leadership Advisor Podcast with Kate Garnes

Advisors, this podcast is for you! While we are Getting the Edge, so are our advisors! Kate Garnes goes in-depth on various aspects of leading through an advisor’s perspective with various of guest stars from all walks of life! Whether you’re a first-year advisor, a seasoned veteran or somewhere in between, this podcast is filled with new ideas that you can bring back to your classrooms and your organizations!

5. Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod

Want to focus on growth, confidence and readiness for any situation? Then this podcast is for you! This weekly podcast is dedicated to empowering leaders and giving you new ways of thinking to help you achieve your goals! Updated every Wednesday, you’re bound to find new ideas that will help motivate you to Get the Edge!


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