Three Tips to Take your Virtual Tabling Event to the Next Level

January 19, 2021

Carly Anderson, University of Utah DECA

In the ‘new normal’ of a virtual school-year, colleges around the globe have evolved their typical campus tabling events into innovative, virtual experiences. With the start of spring semester right around the corner, now is a perfect time to start thinking about how to make your upcoming virtual tabling event a success. Here are three tips for bringing your chapter’s virtual tabling experience to the next level!

1. Create a Solid Plan

Setting a solid foundation for your virtual event will make for smooth sailing when it’s time to table. Take time to research the virtual platform you will be utilizing before your big event. Hosting on a virtual platform is quite different from solely participating with a booth. Make sure that you know how to use features such as screen-sharing, muting and transferring hosting abilities in order to run your event as efficiently as possible.

When planning presentation slides or virtual backgrounds, be sure to check out DECA’s collection of virtual resources, which features official DECA graphics and a collection of professional DECA virtual backgrounds! You can get it all in Collegiate DECA’s Member Recruitment Toolkit.

2. Utilize Unique Virtual Features

A virtual experience doesn't mean that your chapter’s event will lack the energy or connection opportunities that an in-person experience provides. Thanks to available technological applications, there are many unique features that your chapter can utilize to boost engagement at your virtual tabling event.

Zoom’s breakout room feature can be used to connect prospective students with current members for a personal discussion. Polling features can also be utilized to ask questions to a group about their interests in order to guide discussions. Thanks to screen-sharing, media such as Kahoot games and Collegiate DECA’s 2020 membership video can be shared with prospective members.

3. Establish a Connection

Closing your interactions with potential members with a call-to-action is key to maintaining a personal connection. Virtual tabling events are a great way to promote the activities your chapter has coming up in the near future. Take the time to personally invite future members to any upcoming competition prep, networking events or guest speaker opportunities your chapter is organizing.

Another great way to establish a connection is by disturbing a membership survey. Utilize platforms such as Google Forms or SurveyMonkey to create a digitally distributed survey that collects contact information and asks questions about prospective member’s interests, goals and any questions they may have about DECA. Then, have the members of your chapter’s leadership team personally respond to each survey submission to establish a meaningful connection.

Through the application of these tips, you and your DECA Chapter will be on the right track to take your virtual recruiting event to the next level! Happy recruiting!


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