3 Leadership Activities to Jump-start Your New Team

Jul 23, 2021

An important part of team building is supporting your teammates and learning their individual leadership styles. A successful leader takes the initiative to learn about their teammates and to adapt and grow with them as the year progresses. Effective leaders motivate and inspire the team to work efficiently and support one another, even when it gets tense. Check out these three ideas to help your new team hit the ground running!

1. Take the DECA Leadership Style Quiz

As you and your team embark on a new journey, everyone must take this quiz. Doing so will give you an insight into who you are as a leader. To maximize your momentum and personal growth in DECA, leadership and your future, understanding and analyzing your leadership style will help you in the long run. Comparing your peers’ leadership styles will help you be a great teammate, collaborate effectively and minimize conflicts.

Visit www.decastyles.org to discover and learn more!

2. Use Icebreakers

You can’t go wrong with some energizing icebreakers! There is a wide range of activities that you and your team can choose from. A quick internet search for team-building icebreakers will pull up hundreds of options. You could make a team Jeopardy where everyone must guess which fact belongs to who. Or you could play multiplayer games, like Among Us, which is a fun way to find out who is the imposter and who is the crewmate helping you achieve tasks.

3. Visit an Escape Room

Going to an escape room is a great opportunity to have everyone meet and put everyone’s leadership skills to the test. Escape rooms put everyone in a high-energy environment where all members are working towards achieving the same goal in a limited amount of time.


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