Discover Your DECA Leadership Style

September 8, 2020

Submission deadline extended to February 18, 2022

There are hundreds of assessments to help you pinpoint your leadership traits, but the only one you need to take your leadership to the next level is the DECA Leadership Style Quiz.

Begin your rise as an emerging leader by discovering insights on who you are as a leader. Any of these leadership styles can sit at the head of the table and lead, but next level DECA leaders understand that all styles need a (socially-distanced) seat at the table to achieve maximum success. By knowing your style, and the styles of others, you will gain a better understanding of yourself, how you are perceived and how you work with others.

There are three components to leadership and ultimately your unique DECA Leadership Style.

One-third of your leadership is based on nature—how you were uniquely wired and gifted at birth. Another is based on nurture—the training you have received and the impact of how you were raised and influenced by family, friends, role models and others in your life. The final element of your leadership style is based on your choices—the lessons you have learned from the outcomes of the decisions you have made in life.

The DECA Leadership Styles Quiz provides insight into your nature—or how you are naturally wired to lead. It provides a glimpse into your natural tendencies and how you were born to act and react to life situations. Your natural style often emerges when you are the most stressed, tired or are operating in new or unfamiliar environments. As the pandemic began and many of us experienced distance-learning for the first time, your natural style was most likely out in full force!

As you gain experience and confidence in your leadership, the nurture and choice aspects of your leadership style will emerge. This synergy and cultivation of nature, nurture and choice will reveal the emerging leader within.

Take the quiz at to learn more and discover your DECA Leadership Style.


Drivers are effective, organized and goal-oriented. They are the responsible, executive-type that is focused on completing the tasks and project.

See themselves as: executive-like, responsible, goal-oriented, organized and effective

Others may see them as: bossy, opinionated, boring and stubborn


Energizers are fast-paced, live in the moment and are action-oriented. They are the fun-loving members of a team who are optimistic and able to come up with creative solutions.

See themselves as: fun-loving, solution-oriented, action-oriented and fast-paced

Others may see them as: not serious, forgetful, a rule-breaker and not focused


Caretakers are warm, caring and people-oriented. Caretakers can be counted on to bring encouragement to teammates, and to be considerate of the feelings and well-being of others.

See themselves as: caring, warm, people-oriented, encouraging and considerate

Others may see them as: dramatic, naive, overly emotional and ignoring policies


Analyzers are objective, efficient and vision-oriented. As knowledgeable individuals, analyzers are gifted in making plans that are well developed, efficient and innovative.

See themselves as: knowledgeable, great at planning vision-oriented, objective, calm and efficient

Others may see them as: arrogant, calculating,  hard to get to know, uncaring and shy


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Discussion Questions

  • 1
    What is your DECA leadership style?
  • 2
    What strategies can you use to help maximize your leadership style?
  • 3
    What challenges might a team face if all members have a similar leadership style?
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