The Big Game: The Economic Impact of the Super Bowl

Feb 1, 2024

The Super Bowl is quickly approaching, bringing the excitement of the big game, commercials and more. This year, the Super Bowl is being hosted in Las Vegas. It can be easy to forget how an event as large as this impacts the host city's economy, especially when a city like Las Vegas already has a lively and booming tourism industry.  

One of the most notable economic impacts on the host city is increased tourism. Media, celebrities and fans traveling from around the world lead to a spike in hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, nearby attraction attendance and so much more. While it may be short-lived, it brings a lot of attention and popularity to that city, making it a desired destination.

To help accommodate for the massive influx of tourism, many jobs are made available around the city and at the Super Bowl stadium to help ensure customer satisfaction and smooth execution of the event.

Local businesses have the amazing opportunity to reap the benefit of the additional tourism and media the host city receives. The increased foot traffic has an amazing benefit to these small mom-and-pop shops, increasing sales and helping to grow their customer base.

The Super Bowl is much more than just another sporting event; it extends far beyond the stadium and allows for amazing growth opportunities for businesses and individuals alike, attracting tourists and fans for years to come.


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