10 Things You May Not Know About DECA Direct Online

Oct 2, 2021

How well do you know DECA Direct Online? 

The one-stop location for news, tips and resources for members and advisors, DECA Direct Online includes information on career insights, chapter strategy, college success, conferences, competition tips, member spotlights, leadership advice, partner opportunities and much more.

While you're browsing articles, be sure to check out these ten cool features to help you get the most out of the platform.

  1. Filter by Division - At the top of the site, toggle between the High School and Collegiate tabs to see a landing page unique to each division. When browsing articles by topic, you can also filter by division for a more customized experience.
  2. Spotlight Your Chapter - We're always looking for the latest tips, stories and highlights from our members and chapters. Submit your article with a photo and a few sentences to be featured in the "From Our Chapters" section.
  3. Search for Articles - Use the search bar at the top of the site to help find the topics that interest you most.
  4. Browse by Topic or Tag - In addition to the main topic categories, you can also drill down using over 50 specific tags to help filter content. Try using tags like Internships, Role-play Events, School-based Enterprise, Mental Health and more.
  5. Calendars - The main calendar includes upcoming events and important deadlines to help keep you on track. There's also a second calendar included in the "From Our Executive Officers" section so you can quickly access upcoming student video calls led by the Executive Officer Teams.
  6. Announcements - Key announcements and updates are added to the homepage so you can't miss them. However, if you need to look back, you can click the "View All Announcements" button to see past announcements.
  7. Accolades - Looking for a list of members and chapters who've received recognition from DECA Inc.? Use the Accolades tag to view past results. You can find ICDC top performers, scholarship recipients, SBE certifications, chapter campaign winners, Leadership Passport Program recipients and more.
  8. Recent Articles - Use the Recent Articles tag to be sure you don't miss a single post!
  9. Executive Officer Articles - It's easy to find articles submitted by the Executive Officers. Navigate to the "From Our Executive Officers" section to search by a specific author or use the Student Leaders tag to search for all officer articles.
  10. DECA Direct Weekly - Subscribe to DECA Direct Weekly emails to get top headlines delivered to your inbox each Tuesday. There are emails for High School Advisors, High School Students and Collegiate Students/Advisors, so be sure to specify which emails you would like to receive.


Caitlin Roberts
Communications Coordinator

Caitlin Roberts is DECA's communications coordinator. In this role, she manages integrated communications efforts across the organization. Caitlin serves as DECA’s frontline communications agent and manages content creation and publishing for DECA's social media accounts and DECA Direct Online.

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