7 Ways to Perfect your Instagram

Apr 13, 2020

Social media is a huge part of forming a brand. Whether it be a product or personal branding, an effective social media account can draw much-needed attention to what you promote. With over one billion members, Instagram is one of the most effective outlets to utilize, offering a wide variety of options for customization. Follow the tips below to create an amazing Instagram page!

1. Create a Strong Bio

Your bio is the first thing viewers will see once they visit your Instagram page. With the 150-character limit, it’s important to make it count! Use the bio to concisely sum up the purpose of your page. For example, if you are creating a personal Instagram profile, it may be helpful to state your profession and hobbies within a few words. For a business Instagram, it’s a good idea to include the full name of your company and a brief description of the products or services you offer. If you feel it fits your brand, get creative! Using emojis or hashtags in the bio can be a clever tactic as they will help your bio stand out. If you do decide to use emojis or hashtags, don’t use too many. More than a couple could overwhelm your followers and distract from your content.

2. Add a URL

To heighten engagement, include a URL in the bio. When selecting a URL, make sure that the linked website is one that you feel best represents your brand. For instance, on a personal page, linking to a LinkedIn profile is a great way to increase connections and showcase your professional experience. On a business page, linking the business’s website or Yelp page can influence traffic and lead to higher sales. Regardless of the website you choose, make sure that the linked page is fully developed and ready to be viewed by your followers. Quality is key!

3. Make Every Post Count

In an oversaturated market packed with content, it can be difficult to differentiate your brand. Creating engaging and informative content plays a huge role in building your brand and stimulating engagement. This is where posts come in. Your posts will make up the bulk of your page, clearly displaying the images you’ve chosen to share. An important thing to note when sharing posts is to always prioritize quality over quantity. While it’s a good idea to put out at least one new post each week, only do so if you are confident you can create great content within that window. In the beginning, it is okay to spend several months slowly accumulating content until you have a better understanding of your page’s brand. Once you get to that point, creating and sharing content will be a breeze.

4. Don’t Over-edit

When creating your posts, always be sure to upload the highest-quality images. While it can be tempting to make big changes to the image before sharing, it’s a good idea to keep the editing minimal, only making necessary adjustments. One of the easiest ways to do this is through Instagram’s Lux feature. To use this feature, tap the sun icon above your photo in the editing booth. This simple tap will quickly change the saturation and contrast of the image, making it brighter and more vibrant. If you are looking to make additional edits, consider using an app like VSCO or A Color Story to have full control over enhancing your image.

5. Use Captions to Your Advantage

When creating a post, the image should be designed to hook the viewer. However, the caption should make the biggest impact. When creating your caption remain concise by taking a few sentences to share the most important information. If you feel that a long caption is necessary, using a line-breaking generator to create paragraphs will make your text look orderly and clean. Above all else remain authentic and don’t be afraid to show some personality! Just like your bio, adding emojis or hashtags to your caption can draw major attention to your page. That said, try to limit yourself to using three or fewer emojis and pick only a couple of hashtags.

6. Highlight the Most Important Things

One unique function Instagram offers is the story, video and image reel that refreshes every 24 hours. Users can upload content to their story to allow their followers to view. Use your story consistently and keep your favorite stories permanently on the page by highlighting them. Your highlighted stories will be shown right underneath your bio, so followers old and new can view the images whenever they please. Use these highlights to your advantage! Including an “About Me” highlight can give your followers insight into the things you enjoy, while a “FAQ” highlight could answer any questions you anticipate receiving. You can add or remove highlighted stories at any time, so don’t shy away from testing to see what works best.

7. Don’t Give Up

At the end of the day, a large part of growing your Instagram page is patience. Although it can be frustrating, persevering through the trial-and-error process will pay dividends down the line. Take note of the things that work and learn from the things that don’t. With time, your Instagram page will be performing wonderfully.


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