Represent the DECA Blue: What Does Your Blazer Mean to You?

Nov 1, 2023

DECA Blazers serve as more than just attire for conferences; they embody our essence and accompany us throughout our entire DECA journey. They represent us during events and collect our stories, becoming an integral part of every stage in our DECA experiences. Discover these Blazers’ profound impact on our members by hearing their stories!

Natalya Ocana | Colorado DECA

How does my DECA blazer make me feel: Connected

In my first year of DECA, my partner and I qualified for ICDC in Atlanta, Georgia. I remember feeling so anxious, thinking that I didn’t belong because I was a first-year competitor, but when we were sitting in the Mercedes-Benz stadium waiting for the opening session to start, I remember looking around and seeing so many bright colors. Students in cowboy hats, light-up glasses, etc., but they all had one thing in common: they were wearing their DECA blazer. At that moment, I realized that DECA is for everyone, and by wearing my blazer, I know that I’m connected to thousands of DECA members worldwide who proudly wear the same blazer!

Owen Gifford | Oregon DECA

How does my DECA blazer make me feel: Confident

My biggest fear before stepping on the stage was public speaking. I dreaded the looks of people on me as I spoke. I couldn’t help but run the countless instances in which it could go wrong. Even though the speech was fully memorized, I still wish I had a sheet to read. The only thing I had was my DECA blazer. The DECA blazer I had used throughout my roleplays, the DECA blazer I shook hands with, and the DECA blazer that filled me with confidence. My DECA blazer let me conquer my biggest fear as I smiled on the big stage. It didn’t matter if my speech was good or bad, I had the confidence to give it.

Nancy Muñoz | Nevada DECA

How does my DECA blazer make me feel: Strong

While filming our Membership video for Nevada DECA, a lady walked past me, stopped me, and said, “What is DECA?.” Automatically my 30-second engraved elevator speech came out and we had a whole conversation on more of what being an association officer meant. She shared more about her journey in the business world and left me with the statement, “We need more women like you, keep on being amazing.” It was something small yet so motivating to me. I will never forget her kind words from that day!

Caleb Valdriz | Hawaii DECA

How does my DECA blazer make me feel: Ohana (family)

When I put my blazer on, I remember my first ever ICDC in Atlanta and the embracing, warm welcome I experienced from the other states and associations. Living in Hawaii, I always felt disconnected from the mainland United States. However, at ICDC, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm hospitality I experienced. In Hawaii, the idea of a chosen family is incredibly strong. This chosen family is made up of who you want it to be: friends, family, teachers, whoever you’d like. This blazer reminds me of my chosen family, my Ohana, and the DECA community I’m a part of and hold close to my heart.

In the vibrant tapestry of DECA experiences, these heartfelt stories reflect the diverse emotions woven into the fabric of our organization. These stories showcase the transformative power of the DECA blazer. Beyond its fabric and stitches, the blazer symbolizes unity, empowerment, and belonging. As we wear our blazers, we carry these stories with us, forging ahead with newfound strength and pride in our shared journey.


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