Quick Guide to Virtual Chapter Meetings

Sep 22, 2020

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." - John Maxwell

Virtual meeting platforms have become a prominent form of communication between family, friends and businesses and many of these tools are here to stay. Being prepared to host or participate in a virtual meeting will allow you to stand out and make a great impression.

Here are five types of virtual meeting platforms and their capacities (all can be upgraded for a fee):

  • Zoom will accommodate 100 in video conferencing.
  • Webex will accommodate 100 in video conferencing.
  • Google Hangouts will accommodate 25-150 in video conferencing.
  • Microsoft Teams will accommodate 250 people in video conferencing.
  • Skype will accommodate 50 in video conferencing.

To maintain relationships with team members, video conferencing will help boost productivity, collaboration and flexibility.

Here are five things to do before your virtual meeting:

  • Wear presentable clothing on (at least) the upper half of your body.
  • Make sure that you are in a secluded, distraction-free area.
  • Test your microphone and camera and ensure you have a reliable internet connection.
  • Setup advanced options like breakout rooms, screen sharing, waiting rooms and virtual backgrounds.
  • Join the meeting early with a prepared agenda.

Having a well-prepared agenda and sharing relevant documents/links beforehand will increase engagement and create a better flow.

Here are five things to do during your virtual meeting:

  • Position your camera directly in front of you at eye level.
  • Mute your microphone when not speaking and encourage others to do the same.
  • Assign a moderator to facilitate the chat while the presenter is engaging the audience.
  • Encourage participants to keep their cameras on to see smiling faces instead of names or avatars.
  • Recap the meeting, handle any questions and set the date and time for the next meeting.

Start with an ice breaker like two truths and a lie, trivia/Kahoot or have each person mention one accomplishment from the past week. This will help set the tone for the meeting and encourage people to engage.

Here are five things to do after your virtual meeting:

  • Follow up with any questions or feedback that you did not have time to address.
  • Send a copy of the recorded minutes and thank the participants.
  • Make the recorded meeting available for those that missed the live session.
  • Send reminders for the next meeting through all appropriate channels.
  • Ask for feedback on how you can improve future meetings and make them more engaging.

Follow these steps to keep your members involved!


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