Program of Leadership: How You Can Get Involved This Year

Aug 1, 2023

For the 2023-2024 year, your Executive Officer Team is excited to announce our official Program of Leadership! As a team, we picked three main areas of focus that we were the most passionate about and felt we could make the strongest difference with. This year, we hope to see as many association and chapter officers, members and advisors involved to truly Experience the Difference!

Listed below are our areas of focus, descriptions and how you can get involved:



Ensure members are prepared to advocate for DECA and Career Technical Education. Provide members with the proper resources and tools, such as a CTE month newsletter and our Chapter Campaign and Impact Award programs.

How to get involved

Participate in DECA Month, CTE Month and advocate for your associations and chapters. Reach out to your Department of Education and State Legislature. Work with your chapter to recruit future members with middle schools, high schools without DECA, etc.



Promote the Student Video Call Series and DECA Direct resources on social media and through each Association. Feature more holidays on social media. Highlight DECA Inc. scholarships and Corporate Challenges.

How to get involved

Attend the Student Video Call Series. Sign up for DECA Direct Weekly to stay informed about all things DECA. Inform your Executive Officer Team about holidays you feel should be celebrated. Apply and get involved with our scholarship program and Corporate Challenges. Host community service events with DECA’s Corporate Partners.

Leadership Development


Provide members guidance and templates to support the development of individual communities and our Professional, Alumni and Collegiate Divisions to lead effectively. Enhance the growth of members' personal leadership journeys and their DECA stories.

How to get involved

Participate in DECA’s Chapter Campaigns. Work with your local Professional and Alumni Division to engage current and potential members. Work with our Executive Officer Team to see how you can use your DECA story to change the lives of others.

Our team is beyond excited to share our Program of Leadership with you all! Our officers want to hear about your ideas and how we can help you spread the difference through your associations and chapters. Let’s Experience the Difference this year!


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