What Can I Do with DECA Since I’m Not Going to ICDC?

Mar 1, 2024

In the spring, we have two sets of DECA students: one preparing to give their all at the last leg of the competition and the other preparing to start their new DECA season, but we need guidance on how. If you are the latter, keep reading to learn how to maximize your time for DECA.

1. Mentor Your Peers

Even if you did not qualify for ICDC, you can still bring a unique perspective to helping your peers prepare for the final round of competition. Try your best to engage with those moving on and help provide constructive criticism on their presentations or share the study tips that worked best for you!

2. Begin Planning End of the Year Activities

Getting wrapped up in competition is so easy, but there is so much more to the DECA experience than just competition. Begin to plan recruitment events, banquets and other end-of-the-year events to tie together all that you have experienced with DECA this past year. Show new members how your chapter stays together and rejuvenate the connections and bonds made throughout this DECA season.

3. Choose a New Event

As per DECA’s rules, you can begin working on competitive entries for the next DECA season as soon as your association conference ends. Take this time to understand all the categories available to you within DECA and spend time brainstorming what you are truly passionate about and how that passion can be turned into a DECA project.

DECA members, we can’t wait to see every one of you end this DECA year with a bang, regardless of whether you will be attending ICDC!


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