Naperville Central DECA Virtually Hosts Guest Speaker Jake Dunlap

Dec 9, 2021

Contributed by Kira Yang | Naperville Central DECA, IL

Naperville Central DECA in Naperville, Illinois, virtually hosted Jake Dunlap as a guest speaker via Zoom. Jake is an experienced businessman and successful entrepreneur, focusing on marketing and management consulting. He is currently the chief executive officer of Skaled Consulting which helps companies optimize key aspects of their sales and marketing operations. Dunlap can also be found giving advice on his podcast, The Jake Dunlap Show.

As a guest speaker, Dunlap provided information on his area of expertise: sales. He explained the importance of using technology in business and gave helpful tips on how to present and persuade. Throughout the presentation, members had the opportunity to ask questions and receive insightful responses.

Hosting Jake Dunlap was a great experience that provided members with thoughtful advice that will be applicable in their future DECA experience and careers.


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