Watch Now: Emerging Professional Conversations

April 28, 2020

Engage in a conversation with former DECA Inc. executive officers turned emerging professionals. Learn how they leveraged their DECA experience to earn success in college and their careers. They will share their experiences and stories with you, as well as advice for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.

Moderated by D’Andre Vasquez, DECA’s 2019-2020 High School Division President.

Meet the Panelists

Ryan Alexander
High School Division President, 2009-2010

Ryan Alexander is the founder and design director at Hypeline Studios, a multidisciplinary design and production studio based in Los Angeles and Denver. While serving as the 2009-2010 High School Division President, Ryan realized the immense impact live events and branding could make when he unveiled the new DECA brand still in use today. Prior to serving as president, he was a member of both Missouri and Colorado DECA. Ryan also served on the DECA Inc. staff as the assistant director of corporate and external affairs, where he started DECA's first-ever individual giving campaign prior to starting his own business in 2013.

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Victoria Caña
Western Region Vice President, 2012-2013

Producer for Wizards of the Coast by day, award-winning indie game designer and speaker by night—Victoria is an ambitious Seattleite who enjoys traveling around the world in search of good food, playing as many games as possible, and helping other people achieve their dreams. Before she got into the games industry, Victoria was a world-class management consultant at Deloitte where she did everything from work on the mergers and acquisitions of Fortune 100 companies, to conduct organizational assessments that identified millions of dollars in cost-saving opportunities for her clients. Though she’s been fire-hardened from her time as a consultant and aims for efficiency in everything she does, she also has a kind heart and really does believe that teamwork makes the dream work. You can find Victoria on virtually every social media platform under the handle @victoriacana. You can also learn more about her award-winning board game Gladius at

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Paige Dorman
Central Region Vice President, 2010-2011

Paige Dorman is the vice president of sales for a next-level event and media production company, who spent four years as a high schooler in DECA and one year as the Central Region Vice President. Since then she has spent 10+ years expanding her career in various event roles, putting to use all of the skills she learned as a DECA member. From event planning at wedding venues, selling trade show booths, conference planning with Fortune 500 companies, to executing keynote speeches for 15,000 attendees, there isn’t much of the events world she hasn’t seen. Currently she volunteers at local Minnesota DECA conferences, co-hosts her company's podcast Meeting Minds, and continues to develop new business at EideCom Creative.

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Morgan Thompson
High School Division President, 2012-2013

Morgan Thompson is chasing the dreams that were revealed to her at her first DECA conference. Morgan's DECA journey led her to the White House, China, and to over 20 conferences while serving as the 2012-2013 High School National DECA President. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University, Morgan has worked at Upserve, an innovative restaurant technology company in Providence, Rhode Island, where she works as a Product Manager.

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