Introducing "DECA at the Bell" by BusinessU

Sep 20, 2022

‍Role-Plays. Performance Indicators. A Little Humor. All In One.

DECA has partnered with BusinessU to create a new role-play prep series!

“DECA At The Bell” is an interactive, video-based series. Each video features two hosts who take something going on in the world of business and relate it back to performance indicators.

Think SNL Weekend Update meets case studies and current events in the business world. They're funny, short and feature a diverse group of hosts who are passionate about engaging with other students who also care about the world of business. You may even see some familiar faces (like former DECA executive officers) in some episodes.

At the end of each episode, the hosts give students a role-lay prompt aligned to the performance indicators they can practice in class.

Episodes will be released every other week!



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