How to Use TikTok for Your Chapter

Jan 19, 2021

It is no surprise that many DECA members and advisors are active users of one of the world's trendiest apps—TikTok. TikTok is a platform that contains millions of personalized short-form videos of any and every genre. Users have the ability to create videos, watch and share content and even “duet” to collaborate with other users’ videos. As leaders of innovation and creativity, DECA members from all over the world have certainly swept the platform and created a DECA presence within the app. Videos that were posted with the hashtag, #DECA, have reached a total of 38.7 million views. There are several DECA chapters and associations that have taken it upon themselves to create funny, relatable and insightful content for not just their members, but the entire DECA audience as a whole.

While much of this DECA year has been virtual, there is something so powerful about using social media to create the essence and atmosphere of DECA at its core. The heart of the organization, regardless of the circumstances, revolves around connection, unity and shared love for DECA that cannot be broken. Keep reading to learn tips, tricks and ideas to help get your chapter started on their TikTok journey that is bound to engage members all year long!

1. Brainstorm Video Ideas

The best way to do this is to think of what makes DECA, DECA. What can every member relate to and appreciate? Late nights working on projects? Creating packing lists for conferences? Learning how to tie an ascot or a tie for your professional dress? Whatever it may be, consider ideas that may provide insight for other members, some light-hearted, funny content, or even mock role-plays to get your members excited about DECA.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Professional dress outfit ideas
  • Introducing the members of your chapter/association officer teams
  • Member spotlights: highlighting a different member each week
  • Competitive event advice/insights
  • Sharing your DECA story
  • Showing off your school’s SBE/school store
  • Showcasing your at-home DECA workspace
  • A day in the life of a DECA member (vlog)

2. Make Sure Your Videos Pass the DECA Vibe-Check

Are your videos purposeful, appropriate and inclusive of all members? If it doesn’t align with DECA’s code of conduct or core values, it probably shouldn’t be shared. Inappropriate language, songs or dancing most certainly does not pass the vibe-check. Keep things positive and appropriate!

3. Get Discovered

You may have the coolest videos out there, but not every video goes viral. With millions of videos being posted daily on TikTok, it’s important to be able to stand out and differentiate yourself, just like in your competitive events! Hone in on your marketing knowledge and take advantage of every feature the app has to offer. Don’t reinvent the wheel - add a DECA twist, but use existing sounds, hashtags and trends to help people stumble across your videos much easier. Check out #DECA, #DECACheck, #DECALove, and #DECADistricts on TikTok and you’ll see what I mean!

4. Promote Your Account

Don’t forget about the importance of promoting your TikTok account using other social media platforms. Encourage your Instagram followers to connect with you on TikTok, announcing when each new video has been posted, etc. Having your own members or officers repost the videos can also be beneficial. Once your faithful follower base is there, you can ask them to duet your videos or compete in TikTok challenges created by your chapter/association!

While these tips will certainly help take your TikTok game to the #NextLevel, true clout will only come through unleashing your own creativity!


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