5 Apps to Ease Your Stress

November 3, 2020

Looking to beat bad stress? Rather than endlessly scrolling through Instagram or stress-shopping on Amazon, turn to these apps to breathe, play and move your way to less stress!

Apps To Ease Your Stress Calm


There’s a reason why Calm is consistently rated a top app for staying stress-free. This app offers a broad spectrum of stress reduction tools, from guided meditations and sleep soundtracks to breathing exercises and stretches to shake out your physical stress.

Apps To Ease Your Stress Happify


Happify brings science-backed games and activities to help you feel less stressed and get, well… happy! Whether you’re facing general stress or other negative emotions, this app measures your mood before and after you complete its happiness-boosting exercises, helping you shift toward a more positive state with each use.

Apps To Ease Your Stress Strides


Keep track of the habits that keep you stress-free with Strides. Set up a dashboard to track all of your habits from drinking more water and meditating to sleeping a certain number of hours. After logging your progress, you’ll get tailored progress reports and stats to help you keep up the good work!

Apps To Ease Your Stress Pigment


Channel your younger self and combat stress with creativity through this grown-up coloring book app. You’ll find creative Zen with over 30 coloring tools, endless colors and a massive set of coloring pages designed to give your brain a break and let your creativity flow.

Apps To Ease Your Stress 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout

Sometimes the way to ease stress is more sweat than Zen. If your stress is creating nervous energy, use this app for a quick workout to get your blood pumping. After, your mind and body will be ready to focus on wherever your to-do list holds. (Not into structured workouts? No problem! Just turn on your favorite song and dance to shake out the stress.)


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