DECA Talks: The Lying King

Dec 11, 2019

Power. Privilege. Race. Identity. Gender. Sexual Orientation. Class. Illuminating our various complexities as individuals, we can recognize ways that we can use our privileges individually and collectively – but only if we are honest and open with ourselves. This is an opportunity to identify and address both obstacles and benefits experienced in our circle of life.


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Discussion Questions

  • 1
    Follow along with Brandon’s “notes app” activity. Label 1: “I was” and reflect on your own past challenges.
  • 2
    Follow along with Brandon’s “notes app” activity. Label 2: “Who I aspire to be” and describe who you plan to be.
  • 3
    Reflect on the privilege activity. Think through which attributes would have you stepping forward or backwards.
  • 4
    How can the lessons from this DECA Talk impact your chapter as well as your own personal DECA experience?

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